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It is impossible to underestimate the importance of writing a Will. The assets you have worked tirelessly to acquire over many years should be left to those you love, after all a Will may be the last statement of love, respect and affection which you make to your family and friends.

Ensure your wishes are paramount and carefully documented by a professional.

Without a Will you may risk-

Your spouse or civil partner not inheriting as much as you think

Your estate being controlled by someone you would not have approved

Your young children being looked after by someone inappropriate

Your funeral wishes being ignored

Unmarried partners not inheriting anything

Children and step-children failing to be provided for

Paying more IHT than you should

Losing your home to care home fees

It is a common belief that writing a Will is something for old people, unfortunately life can be cruel, and having a legal Will in place ensures that even in the most tragic circumstances, your loved ones are looked after.

We are happy to arrange a consultation in your home or at your place of work if that is more convenient than a visit to our offices.

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