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Continuing and Welfare Powers

A power of Attorney allows a trusted family member or close friend to handle either your financial matters or welfare considerations, or both, when you are not able to undertake these duties yourself.

Granting a power of attorney when you are still fit and well will reduce the anxiety and stress which often comes later in life when you are not as able as you once were to carry out your financial responsibilities or to make important welfare decisions.

A power of attorney can also be used to enable the transfer of authority when you are away from home or on an extended trip abroad, allowing important decisions to be made on your behalf without the need for you to be in constant consultation with your appointed representative.

We will be happy to advise on both Continuing and Welfare Powers, and when required will complete the documentation and registration with the Office of the Public Guardian in Falkirk. Once again we are very happy to visit the client in their own home, thereby reducing the anxiety that is often caused by a visit to the offices of a lawyer.

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